Native Trees of Indiana River Walk

List of Species by Scientific Name

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Scientific Name

Common Name

Quercus stellata

Oak, Post

Quercus velutina

Oak, Black

Robinia pseudoacacia

Locust, Black

Salix amigdaloides Willow, Peachleaf

Sassafras albidum


Sorbus decora

Mountainash, Showy

Taxodium distichum


Thuja occidentalis

Arborvitae, Eastern or Cedar, White

Tilia americana


Tsuga canadensis

Hemlock, Eastern or Canadian

Ulmus alata Elm, Winged

Ulmus americana

Elm, American

Ulmus rubra

Elm, Slippery

Ulmus thomasii

Elm, Cork

  Common Names for Carpinus caroliniana include American Hornbeam, Bluebeech, Musclewood and Water Beech.  This should not be confused with Ostrya virginiana, which is also called Ironwood or American Hophornbeam.

++ Common Names for Ostrya virginiana include Ironwood and American Hophornbeam.

+   Common Names for Larix laricina include Eastern Larch, American Larch and Tamarack.

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