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Title in Mon

Nai Sac Lun

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defile in Mon 'defiled, dirty, impure, filthy, sinful'

destitute in Mon 'destitute, lonely'

serve in Mon 'to serve, follow, honor'

novice in Mon 'novice, to ordain'

nice in Mon 'fine, nice, prosperous, excellence''

assemble in Mon 'assemble'

rush in Mon 'rush, go or come with violence or speed'

wanter in Mon 'move about, wander, roam'

zeal in Mon 'care, zeal, thoroughness'

restore in Mon 'set right, restore'

reddish, brown, or uncooked in Mon'alive, reddish, brown, black, raw, uncooked, cinema, separated'

room in Mon'room, chamber, closet'

govern in Mon 'rule, govern, control'

ability in Mon 'ability, cleverness, feat; be bright'

refuge in Mon 'refuge, salvation, protection'

decorated in Mon 'ornamented, decorated, colorful, painted'

search in Mon 'to search, be devoted to, investigate, enquire'

separated in Mon 'to part, be separated, lack; without'

consider in Mon 'to consider, think about, meditate on'

full of in Mon 'be full of, endowed, defiled'

skillful in Mon 'skillful, well-trained, clever, able'

organize in Mon 'to organize, manage, arrange, allot, apportion'

smooth in Mon 'soft, smooth, delicate, fine, tender, gracious, pleasant'

proclaim in Mon 'proclaim, cry aloud, attempt, begin'

mope in Mon 'to mope, be downcast, glum, sad'

dazed in Mon 'intoxicated, dazed, in an extreme emotional state'

crowded in Mon 'mixed, crowded, confused, scattered'

straight in Mon 'to be straight, straightforward, tame, virtuous; to face'

question in Mon 'question, problem, difficulty; to ask'

comfort in Mon 'be kind, to reassure, comfort, console'

cruel in Mon 'cruel, fierce, harsh, aggressive, tyrannical'

support in Mon 'to take care of, foster, support, rear, maintain, tend, guard'

harsh in Mon 'be harsh, severe, violent; to subdue, torment, conquer, overcome, oppress'

weakness in Mon 'weakness, weak point, loophole, secret, opening, extraordinary object'

weapon in Mon 'weapon; to capture, wound, strike down'

be covered with in Mon 'be covered with'


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