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Title in Mon

Nai Sac Lun

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Introduction in Mon Introduction

Line 3 Abbreviations

Line 4 Forming Nouns

Line 5 The Pronunciation of Some Words

Line 6 Causatives

Line 7 Writing Burmese Names in Mon

Line 6 Mistaken Words to be Corrected

Line 9 The Eleven Conditions of Loving Kindness

River in Mon 'river'

Partridge in Mon 'partridge'

heart and liver in Mon'heart, liver'

grass in Mon 'grass'

wherewithall in Mon'wherewithall, capital, stock'

messenger in Mon'messenger, sargeant, petty officer'

decide in Mon'decide, udge, case, trial'

jackal in Mon'jackal'

ball in Mon 'ball, windlass, capston'

approach in Mon 'come near, approach'

die in Mon 'die, pass leave, excel, overcome, surmount'

investigate in Mon 'decide, investigate, break off, spoil'

move in Mon 'move, shake, tremble'

bush in Mon 'bush, scrub'

proclaim in Mon 'proclaim, cry aloud, attempt, begin'

work in Mon 'work, attendant, concubine'

'(to make a) noise'

troubled in Mon 'be troubled, unhappy;. to harrass, vex'

be silent in Mon 'be silent, still, static, calm'

dust in Mon 'dust, powder; to pulverize, crush'

future in Mon 'begin, essence' future tense

calendar in Mon 'calendar'


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