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Title in Mon

Nai Sac Lun

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appoint in Mon 'appoint, agree, promise, vow'

come near in Mon 'approach, come near, put on, make ready, prepare'

deadly in Mon 'harsh, savage, cruel, violent, passionate, fierce, tyrannical, deadly'

what in Mon 'what, why, how'

good in Mon 'good, harmonious, agreeable, pleasant; to suit'

live on in Mon 'gentle, affectionionate; subsist on, live on; make love; take refuge in; associate with; to serve'

come to in Mon 'to practice, maintain, come to, reflect''

faint in Mon 'to faint, swoon, loose conciousness'

to look in Mon 'to look, regard; be calm, guarded, quiet; to feign goodness'

look at in Mon 'to look at, review, regard, explore, seek'

fear in Mon 'be afraid, fear; to frighten, scare'

wilted in Mon 'withered, wilted, languid; to droop; be calm, quiet'

can in Mon'be able to, can, could, cannot, possible'

travel in Mon ' to practice, observe, follow; to travel journey, have sex with, be in a trance'

careless in Mon 'lax, careless, negligent'

be friends with in Mon 'to associate with, be friends with, keep company with'

secret in Mon 'secret'

thought in Mon 'thought, value, desire, regard'

self in Mon 'self, one's won, in person'


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