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The Three Rivers Language Center


Cattail MatThe Three Rivers Language Center has been established to preserve and revive endangered and other minority languages in the lower Great Lakes area and elsewhere. We accomplish this through documentation and education.

Our past activity has focused on the Myaamia people ("Miami Indians") and refugee groups from Burma. TRLC is happy to provide consulation in the areas of language preservation and education for other groups as well.

Our services for the Myaamia include hosting an annual dayPalm Leaf Manuscript camp, Eewansaapit Kiihkayonki, for the Myaamia children to learn their language and culture. Our work with the Burma refugee community includes a pilot survey we are now conducting with the refugee community to determine what languages are spoken and read as well as attitudes toward the various languages. We are also working with the Mon people in the area to help in efforts to continue and promote their language.

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