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Shannon BischoffDr. Shannon T. Bischoff, Assistant Professor of Linguistics Departments of Linguistics and English. Specializations: Syntax, morphology, formal and anthropological linguistics, finite-state grammars, languages of the Americas. His Website, His Email



Jens CleggJens Clegg, Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of International Language & Culture Studies. Specializations: Data Management, Languages in Contact. His Website, His Email.



Encabo PhotoMary Encabo, M.S.Ed in International Educational Development (University of Pennsylvani, Visiting Research Associate, Department of English and Linguisics. Specializations: curriculum and pedagogy, ELL instruction, international development, and the role of community-based organizations in expanding educational opportunities. 



Nunez PhotoDr. Isabel Nuñez, Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Studies.  Specializations: Curriculum studies, cultural studies, multiculturalism and diversity in education, education policy.


Hal OddenDr. Harold Odden, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology. Specializations: Samoan culture, childhood development, socialization and learning, psychological and medical anthropology. His Email

Lee RobertsDr. Lee Roberts, Department of International Language & Culture Studies, Assistant Professor of GermanStudies. Specializations: Language pedagogy. His Website, His Email



Suin RobertsDr. Suin Roberts, Department of International Language & Culture Studies, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Linguistics. Specializations: Intercultural communication, discourse analysis. Her Website, Her Email



Smith PhotoAssistant Professor of Early Childhood Education. My specialization is sociocultural understandings of child development with multilingual preschool settings. 


Chad ThompsonDr. Chad L. Thompson, Director, Departments of Linguistics and English, Anthropology, Associate Professor of Linguistics. Specializations: Athabaskan languages, Native American languages, Native American folklore, Linguistics, Language and Culture, Endangered Language Revival. His Website, His Email

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