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See if your questions/topic is answered below. We are based in Indiana, so things are biased that way somewhat. If you don't see your issues, ask away using the contact information (left), whether your are from Indiana, the Midwest, or beyond.

What dangerous snakes live in Indiana? A link to descriptions of Indiana's dangerously venomous snakes.

Do Cottonmouths live in my area of the Midwest? Probably not, but check out the link.

I have some reptile eggs I want to keep and hatch. What do I do? We don't advocate that you go out and get some of these, but sometimes you end up with them from distrubing their location during some other activity.

What if I am bitten by a venomous snake?

I think I saw a Northern Scarletsnake in Indiana, but I don't live in Floyd County. This is highly unlikely, but it certainly is a tough call for an amateur. Here is a species account for this snake. Compare to the red phase of the Eastern Milksnake, the species most commonly mistaken for a scarletsnake. You will have to do this beyond this presently, as we lack a nice photo of a red phase milksnake (plenty on-line though!).