Prospective Students

The Center for Reptile and Amphibian Conservation Management is one of IPFW's Centers of Excellence, with part of its mission to provide educational opportunities for future herpetologists and conservationists. In addition to the usual opportunities available at the unveristy, the Center has a research asssistantship available to students engaged in research related to herpetofaunal conservation. Nonresearch tasks include helping with Center activities.

Current Graduate Students

Evin Carter

Evin's current research is an extension of his undergraduate work and attempts to quantify the impacts of invasive plants on thermoregulatory efficiency in Northern Copperheads and Eastern Box Turtles. Evin earned undergraduate degrees in biology and chemistry from Indiana University Southeast in 2009, while focusing his research on the impacts of invasive plants on Northern Copperheads.

Chris Woodley

Chris's master's research focuses on the effects of prescribed fire on a population of Eastern Box Turtles in Southwest Michigan. Chris received his bachelor's degree in Zoology at Northern Michigan University with minors in both Chemistry and Political Science.

Adam Bauer

Adam's master's research focuses on a multispecies approach to determine critical wetland characterisitics. Adam completed his bachelor's degree in Zoology (2008) along with a bachelor's degree in GIS, remote sensing, and spatial analysis (2009) from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Bryan Eads

Bryan is developing a project on culvert use by snakes. It is hoped that his findings will lead to improving habitat connectivity via improved passage design. Bryan earned undergraduate degrees in biology and chemistry from Indiana University Southeast in 2010, while focusing on habitat usage of Northern Copperheads.

Lindsey Lindsey Hayter

Lindsey will focus on the use of culverts as a way to increase habitat connectivity and reduce the road mortality of Copper-bellied Watersnakes. Lindsey earned her Bachelor degree in Biology with a wildlife concentration from Ball State University in 2010. During her undergraduate career she was actively involved in BSU's TWS club, and independent research.