First Year Engineering

The First-Year Engineering (FYE) Program is dedicated to the success of all students and strives to create a strong bridge from high school to upper-level engineering and beyond. We have a team of dedicated faculty and staff who use a rigorous assessment plan to continue to grow and improve the program each year.

If you have any questions about the Freshman Engineering Program feel free to Contact us.

Success in Engineering

Our goal is to find the right path for each student whether it is within engineering, the College of ETCS, or beyond. Purdue Fort Wayne has many great student success resources to help students with the transition to college, navigate course work, and connect with their future careers. The FYE program highly recommends students utilize these resources early and often.

The College of ETCS Student Success Center organizes many beneficial programs. The Living Learning Community in student housing and the LEAD Peer Mentor program help new students gain valuable mentorship and friendships from other students in their majors. The Help Corner tutoring center provides free tutoring on core engineering classes throughout the school year. For more information about these resources, please visit the Student Success Center website:


At Purdue Fort Wayne, all engineering students take a common first-year engineering curriculum. The 30-credits of engineering fundamentals, science, math, composition, and communication lay the foundation for their future engineering majors and careers. Each student’s path through the program may look differently depending on their starting math-level, their incoming credits, and their desired credit-load per semester. Students, under the guidance of their academic advisors, are encouraged to develop a personalized plan towards graduation that meets their individual needs while also adhering to the pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements.

The four-year plan of study for all engineering majors assumes a starting math level of Calculus I (MA 16500) or higher. Students entering the program at a math level of Algebra and Trigonometry II (MA 15400) will need at least 4.5 years to complete the full curriculum. Please see the major specific websites for detailed plans of study and bingo sheets.

All students starting at an Algebra and Trigonometry I (MA 15300) level who would like to pursue a degree in one of the engineering majors will be enrolled in the 2+3 program. The 2+3 program was developed to help students with less math and science experience develop a stronger foundation and build up to their rigorous upper-level engineering classes. Students within the 2+3 program will complete an augmented curriculum that starts with two years of engineering technology (ET) curriculum. Students can then choose to complete the remaining two years of ET curriculum or transition to engineering to complete the remaining three years of engineering courses.

First Semester

Course   Course Title  Cr 
 ENGR127  Engineering Fundamentals I  4
CHM115   General Chemistry I  4
MA165   Analytic Geometry and Calculus I  4
 ENG131  Elementry Composition  3
   Total Credits  15

Second Semester

 Course#  Course Title  Cr
 ENGR128  Engineering Fundamentals II  4
 MA165  Analytic Geometry and Calculus II  4
PHYS152   Mechanics  5
 COM114  Fundamentals of Speech  3
   Total Credits  16

Note: Students interested in the ME program are also required to take ME 160

To earn sophomore standing a students needs to successfully complete 30 credits (including PHYS 152). Only relevant courses, that are listed in the bingo sheet, can be counted.