Combined BSME/MSE Degree Program

The combined five-year BSME/MSE Program in the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering (CME) at Purdue University-Fort Wayne is an integrated five-year degree program in which qualified students can receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree with area of specialization in Mechanical Engineering. Students enrolled in this program can take up to nine (9) credits (three 500-level or higher graduate courses) from the graduate courses approved as BSME Technical Electives in five-year BSME/MSE Program. These courses will also be counted towards the MSE program, thereby reducing the overall time required for the MSE degree completion.

Areas of specialization include engineering mechanics (solid mechanics, machine dynamics and mechanical design), energy systems (thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer), manufacturing (materials selection and materials processing), and computer-aided engineering (solid modeling and finite element analysis).

Benefits of the Program

Degree Requirements

The requirements for BSME degree and MSE degree stay the same for students pursuing the degrees separately. For BSME degree requirement, please refer to the corresponding Bingo Sheet for BSME degree. All students must complete a total of 30 credit hours as described in the MSE Graduate Guidelines of Purdue University-Fort Wayne. The BS degree must be awarded prior to the MSE degree. Students can count up to nine (9) credit hours (three 500-level or higher graduate courses) from the list of graduate courses approved as technical elective courses in the combined BSME/MSE program. See a five-year example plan of study. It should be noted that only classes with grade “C” or better will be counted. Once accepted to the combined BSME/MSE program, students must follow the following rules:.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the combined five-year BSME/MSE program may be granted under the following conditions:

Application Process

If you have questions feel free to contact Prof. Abu-Mulaweh, Director of the Department of Civil and Mechanical Graduate Program.

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