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For Senior Division Projects
(Grades 9-12)


Decide what type of project you are doing. Click this link to see the types of projects you can enter in NEIRSEF.

ISEF Paperwork

It is important that your pursuit of science be safe for all involved. For this reason, there are guidelines for students to follow at each level.

Only Senior Division (grades 9-12) students are required to complete the full ISEF paperwork. The 2024 Rules and Guidelines are available from the ISEF web site.

The following forms are required for ALL Senior Division projects and must be uploaded to the web site by the registration deadline (February 9, 2024):

Senior Division projects that involve human subjects (including anything you are testing on yourself), vertebrate animals, or potentially hazardous chemicals, activities, devices, or biological agents are required to apply for an SRC/IRB Pre-Experimentation Review BEFORE research can begin. Use the ISEF Rules Wizard to determine what forms and approvals are necessary.

School Level IRB

Your school may set up its own IRB to review your project, rather than submitting it to the regional fair for review. Ask your teacher to contact the Fair director for more details.

If your project requires an SRC/IRB Pre-experimentation Review, read the ISEF International Rules and Guidelines 2024, complete the above ISEF forms (1, 1A, 1B), and the forms from the categories below that pertain to your project. Upload these to the web site before beginning your experimentation. You should hear back within a week of submission. If for some reason you do not, email both and VACANT.

Human Participants

Vertebrate Animals

Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents
Use of microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, viroids, prions, rickettsia, fungi, and parasites), recombinant DNA (rDNA) technologies or human or animal fresh/frozen tissues, blood, or body fluids.

Hazardous Chemicals, Activities, or Devices
DEA-controlled substances, prescription drugs, alcohol & tobacco, firearms and explosives, radiation, lasers, drones, etc.

Writing Your Research Plan for Prereview

Guidelines for writing up your research plan are found on the second page of the Student Checklist (1A). You may type this up as a separate document and include it along with the Student Checklist (1A) or you can type this up the web site. Login using your student account. Complete the Research Question, Hypothesis, Experimental Method, and Bibliography sections. (You will not complete the Abstract until after you have completed the experiment).

ISEF generated Research Plan Templates to assist student researchers in writing up their research plans. View and download these templates from the Resources for Conducting Research in 2021-2022 web site.

Students tend to have difficulty writing a strong hypothesis. We ask that you write your hypothesis in an "If/Then" form, which suggests cause. Since in science we can only disprove (provide evidence that something is NOT so), hypotheses are written as null hypotheses with the ultimate goal of rejecting them.

If you are new to the idea of rejecting a null hypothesis, the following references may be of help to you:

Display Rules

The NEIRSEF display rules must be followed by all exhibitors at the regional fair, regardless of the rules used at the student's local fair. Fair personnel will inspect all exhibits for compliance with these rules and any non-conforming items must be removed from the display. For a full description of official display rules, review the ISEF Display and Safety Regulations.

Important Dates for 2024 fair

August 8, 2023
- Teacher Registration opens. Register at
- SRC Pre-Experimentation Review opens.
   (Senior Division only) For projects that involve human subjects and animals

January 12, 2024
- Deadline for SRC Pre-Experimentation Review.
   (Senior Division only) For projects that involve human subjects and animals

February 9, 2024
- Teacher Registration deadline
- Student project registration deadline
 Register only the students who are advancing to NEIRSEF
   (All Divisions) On the SEFI web site, include: address, phone, grade, date of birth, project title, and category.
   Check the box to indicate whether your display needs electricity. Gender and ethnicity is optional but requested.

   (Junior Division - 6th-8th) In addition to the items above, complete the research plan and abstract
   (Senior Division) Complete the research plan and abstract and the appropriate ISEF forms. Contact us for help.

February 16, 2024
- Deadline for payment of Fair project registration fees. See "For Teachers" for details.

February 24, 2024
- Date of the 2024 Regional Fair (NEIRSEF)

April 6, 2024
- Hoosier Science and Engineering Fair, IU Indianapolis, IN

May 11-17, 2024
- Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, Los Angeles, CA

NEIRSEF - Celebrating 68 years in 2023

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