FAQ for ECE Students

Why can’t I register online?

All ECE majors will not be able to register online until they have met with their academic advisor and discussed their one-year course-of-plan for the next two semesters. Please check "Registration and Advising" for detailed information. 

How do I find out who is my advisdor?

Go to goPFW. If you still can not find who is your advisor call the department secretary at 260-481-6362.

Why do I have to prepare a course plan? Do I have to follow it?

The curriculum has been designed to provide a careful buildup of skills and knowledge to become a successful engineer. It is crucial to take courses in a particular sequence. Many engineering and science courses are not offered every semester and often there is only one section. To ensure a steady and a successful progress towards graduation it is very important to have a plan and follow it as close as possible. Always check with your advisor if you can not follow the agreed course plan.

I am planning to graduate next semester, what should I do?

Please make an appointment to see your academic advisor before the next semester starts. Graduation application is located in goPFW under Enrollment, then Registration tools.

How do I know what my class standing (freshman, sophomore  junior, senior) is?

Your class standing is based upon progress made toward completing the requirements of your engineering degree program. Therefore, you earn sophomore standing after you have successfully completed a quarter of the degree requirements; Junior standing after you have successfully completed one half of them; and Senior standing after successful completion of three quarters of those requirements. Only relevant courses, i.e. they are in the bingo sheet, on your official transcript from the university are used in this determination, specifically:

Naturally, this answer assumes that you know the requirements for your degree program. Note that filing a plan of study and updating it regularly will assist you in this process.

When I started at PFW, the course plan for my major required an elective course that no longer exists. I have not taken that course yet. What should I do?

Because of advances in technology engineering curricula are always subject to change. When changes occur every effort is made to not penalize students who are following an outdated course plan. For every course that is no longer offered there is an equivalent course(s) that can be taken. Every course that was taken following the old curriculum will count towards graduation and there is no need to take the new equivalent course(s). Please contact your academic advisor to request MyBluePrint exception for the courses not offered. 

When preparing my course plan using the online schedules, I noticed that there is a time conflict between courses that I am supposed to take in the same semester. What should I do?

Every effort is made to avoid this type of conflict. It should not exist. If you notice this problem contact your academic advisor or the department chair and they will resolve it. If the time conflict is between ECE and science courses it might take some time to have the problem resolved since it requires coordination with another academic department.

I have a degree from Ivey Tech (or have taken courses there). How much of that course work counts toward an engineering degree?

Purdue University-Fort Wayne's Admission Office produces a credit transfer report that shows for each course taken in Ivy Tech what is the equivalent Purdue Fort Wayne course. Using this report the ECE department can determine how much of the course work at Ivy Tech counts towards an Electrical and/or Computer Engineering degree.

As an engineering student I have to take several math courses and programming courses. What can I do to get a minor in mathematics and/or computer science?

For requirements about how to earn a minor in mathematics please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog (formerly known as Bulletins) and Minor in Mathematics. To be officially awarded a minor in math a form must be filled and approved by the Math Department prior to graduation.

Students planning to earn a minor in mathematics are advised to directly contact the Math department. 

For requirements about how to earn a minor in Computer Science, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog

Students planning to earn a minor in mathematics/CS are advised to directly contact the Math/CS department. 

ECE 30200 may be used to satisfy the requirements of Math minor. Please contact Math Department to request MyBluePrint exception after you complete ECE 30200.

ECE 22900 and ECE 36800 may be used to satisfy the requirements of CS Minor. Please contact CS Department to request MyBluePrint exceptions after you complete these two courses. 

As an engineering student, I take PHYS 152 and PHYS 251, what can I do to get a minor in physics?

For requirements about how to earn a minor in physics, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog (formerly known as Bulletins) and Minor in Physics. To be officially awarded a minor in physics, a form must be filled and approved by the Department of Physics prior to graduation. This form is available at the Department of Physics.

Students planning to earn a minor in physics are advised to directly contact the Physics Department.

What laptop is the best for this program?

ECE does not require a laptop. Minimal System Requirements:

What does academic dismissal mean?

Regardless of the circumstances, a student who has been dismissed from the ECE department must not enroll at PFW until one fall or spring semester has passed. When you miss a major semester, you just go through the admissions process again. This means when you decide to return to campus you must reapply to the university and be re-accepted. If you are readmitted to the university, you must go through an orientation process prior to re-enrolling in courses. For more information, please go to: https://www.pfw.edu/committees/senate/regulations/standing.html. Readmission to ECE program is NOT automatic and a departmental committee must evaluate your progress to decide whether to readmit you or not.

How many course credits should I take each semester?

Engineering students at Purdue Fort Wayne are constantly over-committing themselves with too many course credits, too much work, and too many other commitments with family, friends, and their community. Setting realistic course and work loads is essential for succeeding in the program. So how many course credits should they take? Well it depends on how many hours a week they plan to work. The following table can be used to estimate how many credits are realistic to take based on hours of work per week.

Hours of Work per Wk   10  20  40
 Max Credit Load  Full Load (15 Credits)  12 Credits  8 Credits

How do transfer credit from another university?

For additional questions and transfer support follow this link -
Transfer Students - Purdue Fort Wayne (pfw.edu)

  1. Apply to Purdue Fort Wayne’s ECE department using this link by creating an account and selecting Undergraduate Transfer or Returning. - Purdue Fort Wayne Application (pfw.edu)

  2. Be sure to provide ALL transcripts from each higher education institution to receive credit. High School Transcripts cannot be in place of a College or University transcript.

  3. As a transfer student, you must have an overall GPA of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) from the college you attended most recently to qualify for admission to Purdue Fort Wayne.

  4. Complete any additional placement tests to prepare for registration.

  5. Submit transfer credit that has not been evaluated through the TES system using this link to ensure all credits are applied where necessary. - TES Public View: PURDUE UNIVERSITY FORT WAYNE (collegesource.com)

  6. Visit campus and set an appointment to meet with ECE Department.

  7. Attend a new student orientation at provided times.

  8. Once accepted, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to register for courses.