Info of Registration & Advising for ECE Students

Each semester online registration will be blocked for ECE students until they meet with their assigned academic advisors and have an One-Year-Plan completed and signed by your advisor. This form can be completed using Microsoft Word and then be emailed to your academic advisor for digital signature. 

Register early for classes! This helps with department planning. Some classes fill up early-students who register late may not get into some classes.

It is the student's responsibility to check co/prerequisite requirements and time conflicts. For accurate information about course co/prerequisite requirements, students should check these bingo sheets and/or Purdue Fort Wayne Catalog. The registration requirements and timetable are:

Your academic standing is based on the number of completed credit hours, and it is separate from the program progression within your ECE degree program.

Only relevant courses, i.e. they are in the bingo sheet, on your official transcript from the university are used in this determination of your program standing, specifically: