5 Year Combined BS/MSE Programs

For students in the 5-year combined BS/MSE programs, upon satisfactory completion of the BSEE/BSCmpE degree requirements, the undergraduate degree will be awarded. The MSE degree can be earned subsequently. It is not mandatory for students to complete the 5-year BS/MSE program within five years.

Admission Criteria

Admission to the combined five-year BS/M.S.E program may be granted under the following conditions:

  1. Students must be enrolled in BSEE or BSCmpE program at  Purdue University Fort Wayne and have not yet received an undergraduate BSEE or BSCmpE degree.
  2. Students must have finished at least 60 credit hours in the respective BSEE/BSCmpE bingo sheet.
  3. Students must have achieved an undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 or equivalent in their major at the time of application.
  4. Have completed the mathematics sequence of courses equivalent to MA 16500 (Calculus I), MA 16600 (Calculus II), MA 26100 (Multivariable Calculus), MA 35100 (Linear Algebra), and MA 36300 (Differential Equations).
  5. Have completed the physics sequence of courses equivalent to PHYS 15200 (Mechanics) and PHYS 25100 (Heat, Electricity, and Optics).
  6. The area of specialization for M.S.E must be declared at the time of application.
  7. Acceptance into the program is conditional upon admission to the Purdue University Fort Wayne Graduate program.
  8. No Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score is required.

Application Process

Students that meet the admission criteria and wish to enroll in this 5 year BS/M.S.E program should consult with their academic advisor during the first semester of the junior year or earlier, and

  1. Complete and submit the Five Year BS/M.S.E Program Application and Form 27. Don't sign the forms and email the file to the department secretary Kathy. All signatures will be processed through DocSign.
  2. Update their Undergraduate Student one-year-course-plan accordingly.
  3. Complete the regular application to graduate school of Purdue University
  4. GS Form 27 and application to Purdue graduate school must be completed in the same semester.